Carnelian Documentation & Approval

We spent over three hours waiting to see the commissioner for the Ministry of Water Front and Infrastructure this week. The long and short of it all is they have accepted our drawings; they need the finalized superstructure drawings, civil, mechanical, and electrical drawings according to their feedback, and then we are good to go.

According to the commissioner, we should get a report from them by Friday along with the fees required. This is where your payment holidays may end and will not be cheap.

The consultants are refusing to release any more feedback drawings until we pay them an additional 30%; they have not been paid since the last payment to commission them to begin the drawings.

The carnelian, ocean-view living room


LASSPA initially wanted to approve ten floors, but with the help of the planning approval consultant, they have agreed on 19 floors based on the recommendations which we have added to our drawings. The reason a lot of people start without approval is they hope they will get the floors they want later through negotiation. This is very dangerous for 19 floors.

We can use the Ikoyi building incident that was approved for 6 floors, and the developer went on to build 21 floors. The major risk is Lagos state will pull your building down and all our money down the drain.

Secondly, we are building a high rise in an area the Lagos state government has designated for tourist and recreational purposes. There are a number of ministries we must get clearance from and pay hugely for, which we have been doing. They are as follows, with each having its requirements:

Ministry Of Physical Planning 

Physical Planning Report – This is where we were initially given ten floors; then we had to negotiate and meet the requirements they requested before we got 19 floors.

This is completed and agreed upon but not cleared yet. 
Ministry Of Waterfront Infrastructure 

This covers a lot however the major issue was the agreed setback which we adjusted our drawings for. This reduced our square meter per unit slightly. 
They inspected last week Friday to make sure we have not added a structure and what we said we were going to do is what we are doing.  Waterfront infrastructure assessment report by then – in progress 
Ministry Of Transportation

Clearance for traffic impact – This has to do with the inflow and outflow of traffic from the estate, the number of car parks, and more.

We have asked them to help us with the guidelines which we have to follow. Traffic impact assessment report – in progress 

LASPPA UPDATE (Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority)

LASPPA will not take building permit applications from us until all these clearances are done. The consultant projects will be completed by the end of February 2022.

Once we submit, we will then apply to the ministry to give us tentative approval to commence pilling. By the time full approval is ready, pilling will be completed.

This takes about a year and in some cases, years if requirements are not met, but due to our relationship with them, we should have tentative approval by March 2022.

We are not cutting corners because we cannot afford to. This means we will have a payment holiday until the end of February 2022.

As a company, we can continue to pay what needs to be paid. The huge fee will be when it’s time for approval and pilling. We advise that you please start paying from the 1st of March 2022.

The goldmine is getting approval. At that point, the only thing stopping us will be capital.

Completed and revising based on feedback

  1. Structural drawings
  2. Architectural drawings
  3. Mechanical & Electrical
  4. Paid fees as required by ministries
  5. Driven away the squatters
  6. 3D design visual guides
  7. Brochure for marketing

What we are doing now:

  • Fencing
  • Fence billboard marketing content
  • Waiting on approval