While it is incomparable in every respect, it is the unique design of The Carnelian that genuinely sets it apart in Nigeria. The centerpiece of the new Lagos has attracted the best designers, architects, and construction companies Nigeria has got to offer to compete for the development of this unique and iconic ocean view tower.

The selected design and construction are currently subject to an extensive peer review program to confirm the safety and effectiveness of the structural systems.

The interior design of The Carnelian public areas features glass, stainless steel, and polished Carnelian stones, together with silver travertine flooring, Venetian stucco walls, and Spanish tile flooring. Exceptional quality and imaginative designs to inspire and reflect the class of residence along with creating a community that’s truly life-inspired.

The rich materials and expansive design of The Carnelian reception hall welcome visitors to all the luxury of a five-star international hotel – including a 24-hour concierge service. We are creating a place to enjoy life, offering leisure, entertainment, and time to relax. A place to call home with a serene view of the natural ocean breeze.

We have also chosen to be extremely generous with the internal spacing – having the 2-bed accommodating 173sqm and the 3 bed 258sqm of space. Each room and living room leading to a balcony with a spectacular ocean view.

The Carnelian residents can enjoy a private members club incorporating a health club, gym, spa, swimming pool, health center, supermarket, work-station lounge, and fine dining restaurants. It also features a private library, bar, and dining club – an entire floor set aside for residents’ leisure activities as they enjoy the beautiful scenery of the ocean from the infinity pool and indoor lounge.

The ground floor to the 2nd floor accommodates a large car park enough to fit 124 cars. Level 3 is The Carnelian Club House, reserved for recreational activities for the modern Nigerian lifestyle luxury living who will be residents in the tower. Levels 4 to 18 will exclusively house luxurious two and three-bedroom ensuite residences. While the 19th floor will contain one sizeable 4-bedroom penthouse with a rooftop infinity pool and a 3-bedroom penthouse.

The Carnelian will deliver an unparalleled experience with every single apartment complete with ocean view living rooms and bedrooms leading to a balcony with breathtaking ocean views.